A kit that converts any bike to electric power, the ShareRoller is for anyone who wants to cycle commute in style. A small Bluetooth-connected throttle connects to the handlebars.

In seconds, ShareRoller adds electric power to everything you ride.

ShareRoller is the world's first portable, detachable electric drive that can be attached or removed in seconds from almost anything you ride - mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrids, cruisers, cargo bikes, even share bikes and kick scooters!

ShareRoller weighs only 5.5lbs (2.5kg) and is just 8"x8"x2.8" (20cm x 20cm x 7cm). It can be carried easily on its own, or in a laptop bag, briefcase, or handbag. And it can be installed or removed from any compatible bike or scooter in about 5 seconds. Seriously.

Once installed, ShareRoller's 750 Watts of power will propel you effortlessly at 20mph+ without pedaling for 14 to 20 miles of range (Extended Range version 25-36 miles). This is no puny 250 Watt 'assist' like many others on the market; ShareRoller packs a full 1.0 horsepower - as much power as a Tour de France cyclist in a sprint!

With ShareRoller you can glide up hills, power through headwinds, and sail through a breeze on a hot day without breaking a sweat, and without pedaling if you so choose. ShareRoller transforms your wheels by turning every bike (or scooter) you ride into an e-bike (or e-scooter), allowing you to go farther, faster, and with only as much effort as you desire. And since we love and encourage pedaling, with ShareRoller you can always pedal as much as you want - simply use ShareRoller's variable throttle button to choose exactly the amount of assist you desire, exactly like a car's gas pedal.


Simply slide the ShareRoller onto the triangular mounting bracket, swing out the motor assembly, and clip it into place. Then extend the throttle cable and snap it onto your handlebar mount to place the throttle at your thumb. Away you go.

The triangular mounting bracket is native to most North American bike share operations (PBSC bike models), and replicated in our Universal Mount for fitment to almost any bike. Folding bikes and kick scooters have their own custom designed mounts. All install easily and when removed, leave your bike or scooter pure and unadulterated. No heavy hub motors, batteries, or controllers to give your bike a permanent case of obesity.


Our Universal Mount attaches easily to the front fork brake and reflector brackets that exist on most bikes. Adaptor clamps are available for bicycles with disc brakes and top mount brakes. Once fitted, the ShareRoller can be attached or removed in seconds, allowing you to choose anytime whether to ride an e-bike or a pure human-powered bike.


Brompton, Tern, Montague, and Dahon, we've got you covered. Custom designed mounts are available for bikes that aren't accommodated by our Universal Mount. They won't add a lot of weight (about 1/2 lb) and they won't interfere with the fold. No need to weigh down your light folding bike with a permanent e-bike kit in order to have the assist on days you want it.


ShareRoller is 'ready-to-work' on tens of thousands of share bikes in multiple cities around the world. In seconds. With no adaptor required!


ShareRoller uses friction drive to power the front wheel of your bike or scooter, and attaches to the bike in a most ingenious manner (so much so that we've filed patents on it!). The secret is that ShareRoller slides on and mounts to a triangular mounting bracket above the front wheel of the bike (which just so happens to be exactly the same bracket already present on many share bikes). Simultaneously, the motor assembly swings out of the case and locks into position to securely and efficiently drive the front wheel (also Patent Pending!).

It mounts in exactly the same fashion to a share bike as to a personal bike as to a kick scooter. Our Universal and Custom adaptor mounts allow a perfect fit on almost any bike or scooter!

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